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Remember 2008?
George W Bush was just finishing eight years in the White House.
Dick Chaney was about to finish eight years in an undisclosed location.
And, the Bush neo-cons were finishing eight years running the day-by-day operations of the various departments, agencies, and other offices of the Federal Government.
Then, just when the Bush years should have been winding down, the housing bubble burst and the economy tanked.
The United States was heading for a Great Depression.
So, what happened?
The Bush administration brought in Sect. Paulson who managed to start a turn-around which was then completed by his successors in the Obama White House.

That was Washington.

The Media went to foreclosed homes and showed where copper had been looted and rats had infested the premises.
Not even the banks that had lent the money to buy the houses and which had been saved by the Federal Bailout wanted these structures.
They had already made their money by packaging and re-selling the loans.
So, perfectly good homes lay vacant and fallow and, eventually, became a blight on the neighborhood.

That was the Media.
What did you see?

What I saw was much less construction. Many fewer people working.
And, I saw a few significant projects where two or three people were working together to carry one piece of lumber where a few weeks earlier there had been trucks and bulldozers and work crews.
I saw families that had come together and realized the opportunity and potential in their own hands.
They had broken ground on their project. The material was there. They went to work.

Now, I see completed buildings with tenants!

Why am I going over this history, now, with you?
Because I am in the same situation.
I am a caregiver. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I am attuned to the sounds and needs of my 86 year-old father.
That does not leave much time for anything else.
So, I have broken ground on this new business. The organizational documents are in place. The Smart Caregiving Corporation has authorized my company to distribute its products. And, I would be happy to sell to you or anyone you recommend.

But, you're not on the phone with me working out the details of a transaction.
You're looking at my website.
This is my store.
Like those families that got stuck when the marry-go-round stopped during the Bush administration, I have to figure out how to complete this store and still do what else needs to be done.
The result is this beautiful store that has been architected and partially built-out.
Look around.
You'll see some sections are almost complete while other sections are cordoned off where security is requiring a username and password.

"I am what I am, and I am not what I am not." I am pretty sure someone said that. Maybe it was Yogi Berra.
What I am not is Amazon.com. If you want a fully functioning department store go there. If you want a nice little store with a storekeeper who is all heart and doing the best he can, stick around.

Steven, the storekeeper, thanks you.

Products to Stay-at-Home

  • 15.2 million Americans estimated to be caring for 5.4 million loved ones with Alzheimer’s.
  • 90 million - overall number of family caregivers
  • 17.4 billion hours of unpaid care each year.
  • $210 billion economists estimate is the value of that unpaid care.
  • 80 percent of at-home care for people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias is provided by family caregivers.

~ John Schall, CEO CAN (Caregiver Action Network), accessed 3/31/2015 | Cache