"Naturally Occurring Retirement Community"

A NORC is a "Naturally Occurring Retirement Community."

The term "NORC" has some particular legal significance to funders of social service agencies. To me, it means there are purveyors of goods and services in an area who are particularly attuned to people in various stages of retirement.

This is especially true in SW Florida where people from snowy-realms migrate for the winter, often rent for a few years and then move into a new home either in an intentionally planned retirement community or the greater naturally occurring retirement community, and eventually make the decision to transition into an "ALF" (Assisted Living Facility) or remain in their home and continue to "age-in-place."

The businesses and other resources on the following list are not necessarily designed with the handicapped in mind. Their doorways may seem a little too narrow, sometimes, and they may act on one customer's concerns about allergies to pet dander when they let an unidentified service dog get too close. Yet, they are on the list because it is our experience that they are staffed with concerned people who are used to helping everybody who shows up and while they may apologize and explain, they don't make excuses - they meet challenges and fix problems.

This is a personal list relating personal experiences. Similar to reports by organizations like Consumer's Reports and Good Housekeeping no one pays to be on this list. However, unlike those organizations, we do not conduct exhaustive laboratory tests. We trust our instincts based on our experiences during multiple encounters with the same business in the crucible of real life.

While businesses cannot buy their way onto this list, they may influence whether they are on the list or off the list by the way they conduct their business.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. It would not be fair to a business to conclude, just because they are not on this list, that they are not receptive and accommodating. For example, a business may be not on this list simply because we do not know about them.

If there are NORCie businesses - businesses that you would like to have included in this list - please write to me with your contact information, their contact information, and an explanation or description of their exceptional service:

To explain further, think of Jeff Bezos writ small. At the turn of the millennium when he was putting together the team that built, I was working in a too-small NY apartment trying to put the pieces together myself for the Internet General Store. My awe for successful early eCommerce ventures is based on my having tried it myself. [1]

Now, Mr. Bezos publishes one of the venerable journalistic endeavors, the Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post, and I publish the NORC list.

The Bonita Springs NORC List

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Here is the NORC List for Bonita Springs: