As you may know from other parts of this website, the Smart Caregiver Corporation's personal wireless motion detector and alarm was the first product to earn my Seal of Gratitude. It was, literally, a life saver.

The same company makes similar products for hospitals and facilities which provide custodial and rehab services to loved ones living in group settings such as skilled nursing facilities, ALFs, and memory care programs.

If you are an administrator, purchasing agent, or other decision-maker for such a facility, you owe it to yourself and to the loved ones in your care to inspect the products from the Smart Caregiver Corporation.

And, you owe it to your investors. When the Smart Caregiver Corporation was started in 1994, there were not cordless inexpensive monitoring devices. "Cordless" and "inexpensive" were the hallmarks of the Smart Caregiver Corporation and they remain the keystone focus of the company's research, production and fulfillment of products to service you, their end-user and the loved ones you protect.

Q: "How do I find out more?"

A: Glad you asked. That's it - just ask.

My company, the 24/7 Caregiving Products Company LLC, will be glad to introduce you and facilitate your inspection of Smart Caregiver Corporation products such as:

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